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Assuli Sicilian Wine Dinner
Monday, June 12, 2023
$125.00 inclusive per person(pre-paid at time of reservation)

-Anti Pasti, Salumi and Cheese
   paired with Carinda, Insolia

-Lobster-Stuffed Lemon Sole, Limoncello Butter Sauce
  paired with Fiordiligi, Grillo

-Fresh Mozzarella and Herb Arancini, Veal Mushroom Ragu
  paired with Furioso, Perricone

-Roast Loin of Spring Lamb, Cannellini Puree, Eggplant Caponata Torta
  paired with Lorlando Riserva, Nero d'Avola

-Toasted Almond Slice with Dried Fruit
  paired with Passito, Grillo

Federico Tassinari
Born in Tuscany, Federico grew up in a land rich with vineyards. From an early age, the harvest done on his grandfather's small plot of land was always a family moment of happiness and sharing.

He graduated in Economics and later obtained his master’s degree in Sales & Retail Management. The first roles of his professional career were already commercial but related to different sectors. First in the fashion business, then in defense systems. The link with the world of wine never left him. In fact, he used to take customers to famous Tuscan restaurants and wineries, telling stories of the most important families in the world of wine. The passion that was deeply rooted in his soul, has also embraced the working part of his life.

Today Federico oversees ASSULI's growth and expansion in North America. Joyfully telling the story of the Caruso family and their wonderful estate in Sicily.

Our Spring 2023 Artist

Jaye Crist is a versatile artist who has worked across the mediums of photography, ceramics, sculpture and painting to create pieces shown regionally, and owned in private collections internationally.  

Photographs displayed here, are close-ups and macro digital images, of elements in plain view but seldom seen or noticed from urban locations of common things; waters damage and stains of rain and weather on a concrete parking garage wall, peeling paint on metal signs, scratched metal and rust on warehouse doors. The composition, colors, light, texture , is framed with an abstract expressionist view to embrace the elements in the state of decay and transition, to capture the beauty of the elemental process of deterioration, embracing the elemental art of imperfections.

The paintings using mixed mediums are all on reclaimed and repurposed wood panel shipping crate lids. Again using an abstract expressionist and sometimes a minimalist or geometric approach the nature of each panels textures, colorations, damage in scratches and peeling, carry their own intentions and often steer the work in its direction. Using acrylics, pastels, charcoal, graphite, markers, wax pencil and other tools images emerge and the piece is explored and defined to become a final piece of art work, In some instances undefined landscape, seascapes, cityscapes are found in the final piece, other times an abstract composition emerges and holds to its final form.

Two of the works are specifically textile based using cotton rag papers and charcoal, graphite, pastel and chalk to allow the textures of the paper to play a part in the appearance of design, as well as the allowance of the medium to continually change with time and exposure to temperature and humidity changes in their environment.

Two other works of abstract expressionism further explore the addition of Graffiti Art in collaboration with artist TWIG. With a visual arts and graphic design education and background, TWIG has produce several commissioned wall murals, and has worked with other local graffiti artist on projects around the region, additionally providing creative work in graphic design with screen printing. These joint collaboration pieces further explore the layering of artists work, each taking turns on the piece in a back and forth exchange of composition and interplay on each pass of work. The outcome is a form of industrial urban abstract expressionism that coalesces styles of each artist an evokes the exchange of ideas and process. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the work, and any interest in a specific commissioned work can be addressed by email.

Thank you! 


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