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pizza al forno

pancetta canadese e mele 14
b├ęchamel, canadian bacon, mushrooms, apples, onion, asiago, mozzarella, white truffle oil

margherita 12
wood-roasted roma tomatoes, olive oil, fresh mozzarella and basil

quattro formaggi 12
ricotta, asiago, pecorino romano, fresh mozzarella and rosemary

fratelli 13
grilled chicken, hot sausage, sweet peppers, roma tomatoes, mozzarella and thyme

della casa 13
choose any two: pepperoni, hot sausage, prosciutto, grilled chicken, anchovies, grilled eggplant, balsamic onions, sweet peppers, olives, mushrooms

*gluten-free pizza available upon request +$3*

anti pasti

pepperoni ripieni mozzarella 8
mozzarella-stuffed peppedews, ceci bean bruschetta

polpi e calamari gamberetti 10
grilled octopus and shrimp-stuffed calamari, shaved fennel salad, grapefruit

carpaccio tonno zenzero 9
seared tuna carpaccio, micro greens, spicy ginger vinaigrette

minestra del momento 7
soup of the moment


radicchio e patate 8
grilled radicchio and potato salad, candied walnuts, cranberry vinaigrette

cesare 7
caesar salad with shaved romano

fratelli 6
mixed baby greens with balsamic vinaigrette, roasted peppers, pepperoncini and olives

casa 5
romaine and iceberg with lemon pecorino dressing


linguine e cozze in crema zafferano sambuca 20
linguine and mussels with leeks and tomato in saffron sambuca cream

pappardelle con polpette cervo e verdure autunnali 21
pappardelle with venison meatballs and fall vegetables in orange evergreen glace

ravioli di zucca con cavolini, pancetta e burro romano salvia 22
butternut squash ravioli with wood-roasted brussels sprouts, pancetta and pepitas in romano sage butter

penne al pollo in salsa di basilico 18
penne with wood-roasted chicken, baby spinach and toasted pine nuts in basil cream sauce

tagliatelle alla bolognese 17
tagliatelle in beef, pork and tomato ragu with parmesan and fresh basil

*gluten-free pasta available upon request + $2*


costolette di manzo con pere pepe verde 29
braised boneless beef short ribs with pear green peppercorn sauce, cabbage and potatoes

vitello e funghi in papa vero sfoglia 27
veal and mushroom roulade baked in poppy seed pastry with marsala glace, baby carrots and green beans

aragosta griglia e piccata di pollo 31
chicken breast picatta and grilled lobster tail with lobster caper butter, risotto and broccolini

pesce lupo in ragu ostriche 28
cast iron-seared wolf fish with creamy oyster stew, sweet potato prosciutto gnocchi, baby peas

acero bourbon-smaltato salmerino alpino 26
bourbon maple-glazed arctic charr with spiced pecans, acorn squash bread pudding, grilled romanesco

**parties of 8 or more= no separate checks, 18% gratuity added**
*there are inherent risks in consuming raw or undercooked foods*

trattoria fratelli fall 2016 cocktails

grape gatsby martini 9
grape gin, port wine, lemon juice, cranberry

banana new fashioned 10
whiskey, spiced rum, amaretto cherries, banana brown sugar syrup

ginger bayhound 10
grapefruit vodka and juice, ginger liqueur, bay leaf, prosecco

chili daze 9
mango tequila, chili syrup, orange bitters, soda

infusion fratelli $mkt
house-infused spirits of the season

**parties of 8 or more= no separate checks, 18% gratuity added**
*there are inherent risks in consuming raw or undercooked foods*



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